What can
Doris do for you?

Make money in more ways than one with your content

Sell your permission to use your art! Doris only offers non-exclusive licenses so you can maintain ownership of your asset!

Doris can help you turn your art into an NFT and sell it, always with royalties perpetually enabled which means you benefit financially each time it changes hands!

Upload your creations

Receive licensing fees

Doris sorts details

How does the licensing work?

Users are given a couple of licensing options depending on the intended use of your works.

The first option is to use your creative assets for CREATIVE use. This means they are using the content in a non-commercial manner such as just for presentation but not in any way making a profit from it.


The second option is to use your content for a commercial purpose. This means they are using your content to perhaps put onto a product that they intend to sell and make profit from. You will receive the lump sum stated above as well as royalties.

How much does Doris cost?

Upfront? Nothing! Doris is FREE to you as a creator to upload your creative assets to our platform. Doris takes a commission from each licensing deal conducted on the platform. This commission fee is 25%. Unlike galleries and greedy agents, we leave the bulk of the payment to the creator which is how it should be because without the content, there is no exchange of goods and services.

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